Eco D3 Weather Station (Used)


A reliable and cost-effective solution for basic soil moisture monitoring, irrigation management, and hydrology (rainfall, water level, etc). The wireless iMETOS ECO D3 is a solar panel and battery-powered data logger, designed to work in harsh conditions and in all climate zones.



Key features

The system has a fully integrated UMTS/CDMA modem for direct communication with the FieldClimate platform and can handle up to 400 sensors through the intelligent sensor bus system.

The iMETOS ECO D3 can be customized with a variety of Soil Moisture Sensors, such as Watermark, Sentek (Drill & Drop), and more.

It can also be used for continuous Water Level monitoring on rivers and wells to warn about flood risks.

Many applications are available for monitoring drainage of fertigation in soil-less crops together with EC/PH and soil moisture monitoring.

  • Weather Monitoring
  • Weather forecasting
  • Water management
  • Disease Models
  • Frost warning
  • Water level


What’s new?

  • It will send you SMS Alarms (user-defined via the Internet) for cases when quick actions are needed.
  • Data is regularly uploaded to the FieldClimate platform where you can access it from any place at any time in real time. Along with accessing the historical data you can take advantage of decision-support solutions like localized Weather Forecasts and Irrigation Management.
  • Need more sensors? You can add a Rain Gauge, Leaf Wetness sensor, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor, Soil Moisture sensor, EC/PH. or others from the many supported.

Additional information

Sensors Layout

3 fixed analogue inputs: rain gauge, temperature/relative humidity, leaf wetness, 1 temperature input.

1 RS485 digital input – automatic sensor recognition supporting
sensor chains.

1 RS485 expansion input – supports 2 optional digital inputs


8 MB flash memory

Internet connectivity

GPRS, HDSPA, UMTS, LTE class 1, LTE class M (Q2/2020)


SMS, user configurable via website

Dimensions without sensors

30 cm L x 16 cm W x 19 cm H

Weight without sensors

1.9 kg

Measuring interval

5 minutes (by default)

Logging interval

10-120 min (user selectable)


6V, 4.5AH, Operating range: -35 °C to 80 °C

Transmission frequency

User selectable

Solar panel

Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 cm, 2 Watt solar panel